Alex Morgan (Soccer) is pretty much the face of the U.S. Women’s National Team and a face synonymous with U.S. soccer in general. You’ve probably seen her appear in Sports Illustrated and all over billboards and commercials. Yesterday, Morgan appeared on the scoresheet five times, after she notched a record-tying five goals in the tournament record 13-0 win over Thailand and the teams’ first match of the 2019 World Cup.

The match was such a devastating blowout for Thailand that its goalkeeper was in tears by the end of the match. Alex Morgan put her arm around one of the other opponents, doing her best to console her. The women got a lot of flack for continuously celebrating the goals, but racking up goals in a tournament where goal differential matters isn’t the worst idea… Naturally the USWNT is being criticized for scoring more goals in a game than the USMNT did in the last two World Cup tournament appearances combined, but who’s counting…?


What To Watch
Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals
Unfortunately for Blues fans, a letter in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was posted a few days too soon celebrating a Game 6 victory. The letter, written by Blues owner Tom Stillman, thanked fans for “bringing St. Louis its first-ever Stanley Cup.” The digital version of the paper also included celebratory ads and was shown hours before the game began. The issue is that they haven’t won the Cup yet and actually lost that game.

They have a chance to hoist the Stanley Cup trophy tonight, in Game 7 in Boston. Blues players and fans are just hoping they didn’t jinx it by planning the parade. If you’re in St. Louis, make sure you’re watching at Busch Stadium. The Red Sox moved up the first pitch of their home game to not interfere with Game 7, further proving that Boston fans are all-in, too. Puck drops at 8 PM EST.

And if you don’t really care who wins the cup, you might care who wins the Office battle between co-stars John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, or Jim and Pam. Krasinski is a Boston boy and huge Bruins fan while Fischer’s hometown team is the Blues. They’ve developed a healthy rivalry but let’s just say Pam can’t wait to rub a Blues victory in Jim’s face. 

Regardless of what happens tonight, the Cup gets a new owner. Let’s see if its new babysitters treat it with as much care as its past… (@washingtoncapitals @alexovechkin)

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Well done, @NHLonNBCSports, well done…

Ortiz Takes Steps Forward
And he flashed that smile…
On Monday, we heard the sad news that Red Sox legend David Ortiz had been shot while with friends and family in the Dominican. The Sox sent a plane to transfer him to Massachusetts General Hospital to ensure he had the best care possible. Yesterday, he took his first steps following a second surgery. His media assistant, Leo Lopez, said that Ortiz will remain in intensive care and will be closely monitored for the next 24 hours without digging into too many details.

Police have both the suspected shooter and driver in custody, and authorities say that Ortiz was ambushed and shot in the back at almost point-blank range. Again, there aren’t too many details.

Sam Kennedy, the President of the Red Sox said that he “would be hard-pressed to think of anyone more beloved than David” in the Sox organization. It’s been a very difficult few days for the organization, but we are all hoping for Big Papi’s speedy recovery.

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It’s a Hard Knocks Life
For the Raiders
The Oakland Raiders gear up for what is supposed to be their final training camp before next year’s move to Las Vegas. You’ll be able to see it like never before as the team announced they will be starring in HBO’s “Hard Knocks” in August. 

In March, Raiders owner Mark Davis jokingly said that he would rather fire coach Jon Gruden than appear on the “voyeuristic show.” Now he’s addressing the elephant in the room. “Everyone wants to be a raider” and now they get to find out what it takes to become one. 

The show could actually be pretty interesting. Remember polarizing receiver Antonio Brown, who was acquired from the Steelers? They also have linebacker Vontaze Burfict, who was voted the dirtiest player in the game a few years ago when he played for the Cincinnati Bengals. And Richie Incognito, whose list of bizarre run-ins with teammates and the authorities is as long as his list of on-field accolades. Brown is pumped though, and is telling fans to get their popcorn ready

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In 2002, the Los Angeles Lakers completed a three-peat of NBA Championships by sweeping the Nets in four games. The 1999-2000 Lakers could not be beat but had some ups and downs the next season. They didn’t earn the No 1. seed in their conference in 2000-2001, but then went on to win the Championship. Then in 2002, they won their third title with stars Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. 

No one has won three in a row since Shaq and Kobe did it, but with two more wins, the Warriors could pull off the rare feat.

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