Ryan O’ReillyΒ (NHL)Β is a veteran center for the St. Louis Blues. Last night, the Blues tied up the Stanley Cup Final with a 4-2 win over the Boston Bruins. O’Reilly scored the first goal 43 seconds into the game and notched the game-winner with under 10 minutes left to play. Only three players in league history have scored in the opening minute of a final game and then score the game-winner in that same game. O’Reilly also has a dope hockey stick with “something pretty weird going on at the toe.” It looks it could be a manufacturing error, but for O’Reilly, it’s his secret weapon.Β O’Reilly didn’t win the game alone, though, and praised goalie Jordan Binnington for a stellar performance. The series is tied 2-2 heading back to Boston for Game 5.

The Boxing World is still scratching its head at what went down on Saturday


Kawhi Leonard digs klaws into Nike
(NBA) Kawhi Leonard may be a “fun guy” but he certainly wasn’t laughing about Nike’s “Klaw” logo that he says he created himself.

Here’s the issue: Leonard says after college he drew up his “Klaw” logo, which is a trace of his freakishly large hand with his initials and jersey number inside. Pretty cool, right? Nike thought so too, and asked for use of that logo. They slightly tweaked it in 2014 and had Leonard’s permission.

Now, Leonard wants to use this logo for clothing lines, footwear, and sports camps, charities, etc. Nike is blocking him from doing so because they copyrightedΒ the logo, though Leonard says he was unaware. He filed a lawsuit against Nike yesterday in an attempt to reclaim control over the logo. Because playing in the NBA Finals isn’t enough to worry about…

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Down goes Jeopardy James
American’s favorite quiz whiz gets whisked away
(Entertainment) Guess it had to end at some point. After winning 32 straight games and coming within a win or two of breaking Ken Jennings’ all-time money record, sports bettor James Holzhauer was a losing bet on Monday’s episode.

Holzhauer made the shocking decision to wager a mere $1,399 in the final round, seemingly going against his winning philosophy of betting big and winning big. Turns out, he was doomed from the start: even doubling down wasn’t enough for the pro bettor to beat Emma Boettcher, who answered the Final Jeopardy question right to end Holzhauer’s historic run.

It’s not all bad for Holzhauer; the guyΒ made nearly $2.5 million playing a game. He’ll always be Jeopardy James in our hearts.

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O’s take Adley Rutschman with No. 1 pick
Who’s that?
(MLB) The Baltimore Orioles have been embarrassingly bad this season and last (and are still suffering from recurring nightmares about Gleyber Torres). Their fans may have some hope after Monday, though, when they drafted Oregon State superstar catcher Adley Rutschman with the No. 1 overall pick in the MLB Draft.

Rutschman has been a shining star for the Beavs ever since winning the College World Series last year. He dominated this year, and will continue wearing orange and black for a team that’s longed for another steady catcher when he finally emerges from the minors in a few years. Don’t worry, O’s fans, it’ll come soon enough!

At No. 2, the Kansas City Royals took Bobby Witt Jr., whose dad went No. 3 overall in 1985 and played 16 seasons in the majors. They became the highest-drafted father-son duo in MLB history. Cue “awwws” in background.

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In 1984, the New York Mets drafted Pennsylvania high school star Shawn Abner with the No. 1 overall pick in the MLB draft. He actually never played with the Mets, instead making his debut with the Padres before a career as a marginal backup

Unfortunately, this has made the list for worst No. 1 picks in the MLB Draft. To make matters even worse, the Mets could have had 12-time All-Star hitter Mark McGwire or Hall of Fame pitchers Greg Maddux or Tom Glavine.Β Mets gonna Mets…

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