Chris Sale (MLB) is a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Yesterday, he struck out a career-high 17 batters in the 7 innings he played, just three short of the 20 strikeout MLB record. Sale is the first player in MLB history to throw 17 strikeouts in just 7 innings, though. In his last start, he struck out 14 batters and now he’s the second pitcher in modern MLB history to strike out 30+ batters over a two start span and the second in Red Sox history to throw 10+ strikeouts in back-to-back starts. 

Yeah… Chris Sale is back.


The Pelicans Get the #1 Draft Pick
The who…?!
There has been a lot of speculation around the NBA draft lottery. Why does a mere number on a ping-pong ball determine the fate of NBA Franchises? And the entire NBA? Is it rigged?

Before this year, the team with the worst record had a 25% chance of winning the first pick with each subsequent pick (up to 14) having a lesser chance of winning. The league saw teams try to tank their season to get a top draft pick — and it was working. This year, to try to counteract ‘tanking’ across the league, the NBA flattened the lottery odds so that each of the three worst teams in the league would have a 14% chance of drawing the top pick, with a more gradual change of percentages for each “lottery team” down the line. 

So about last night..
The New Orleans Pelicans, who had the 7th best odds, and only a 6% chance to win the NBA Draft Lottery, took home the grand prize. They now have the first overall draft pick of the 2019 draft, and it’s pretty safe to say they’ll select Zion Williamson. The head coach was pretty pumped about it, and so was the ticket office

The Memphis Grizzlies, who also had 7th best odds, were awarded the second overall draft pick. The New York Knicks, with a 14% chance at the first pick and an extremely hopeful fanbase, will select third. The other two teams with the best odds (the Cavs and Suns) were pushed to the 5th and 6th picks when the Lakers crept up to 4th. 

A lot can change, but if the draft were today, we would expect New Orleans to select Zion, Memphis to select Ja Morant, and New York to select RJ Barrett

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Mardi Gras’ got nothin on this party in NOLA. Looks like they’re happy to have you, Zion.

Let’s Flip A Coin
Since when did coins and ping pong balls make decisions for us?
Two teams that were too good to worry about the NBA lottery had something else on their plates last night. The Portland Trail Blazers faced the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals and of the Curry v. Curry match-up. The Warriors were missing Kevin Durant, but that proved to be no issue in their 116-94 victory. Steph Curry hit nine 3-pointers in his 36 points, while little brother Seth struggled with just 3 points. Before the game, the Curry parents flipped a coin to decide which parent would wear which kids’ jersey – Dell Curry, their dad, ended up wearing Steph’s and Sonya Curry, their mom, ended up wearing Seth’s. Maybe Dell was a good luck charm, or maybe the Warriors just have another Finals ring in the bag.

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Vintage Warriors led by Steph last night were just too much to handle in Game 1

I’m Only One [Win] Away…
Superman’s got nothin’ on [Boston]
The Boston Bruins are only one win away from an Eastern Conference Final sweep and the Stanley Cup Finals. The Carolina Hurricanes were hoping to get some home ice advantage energy flowing in Game 3 and it was looking good for them in the first period. They had 20 shots compared to Boston’s nine. But they couldn’t get one past Tuukka Rask, Boston’s wall of a goalie. Boston had two goals, which ended up being all they needed. The Canes will need their inner ‘jerk’ to come out if they want a chance to play in the Cup Finals. 

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Relive Rask’s epic performance en route to a


In 2010, Jessica Watson became the youngest sailor to circle the globe solo, non-stop, and unassisted. At just 16 years old, Watson embarked on a 7 month journey on her 30 ft. yacht. She had been sailing since she was 8, but that didn’t stop criticism of her parents for allowing her to attempt such a dangerous task. She left from Sydney, Australia and traveled through some of the most treacherous waters, storms, etc. but she made it home, nine years ago today

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