Shohei Ohtani (MLB) is a two-way sensation for the Los Angeles Angeles, meaning he pitches and he hits. He actually hadn’t been doing too much of either this year as he recovered from Tommy John surgery. He returned a week ago, and while he won’t be pitching anytime soon, he will be hitting. After a rusty start through his first 21 at-bats (four hits and zero homers), Ohtani’s bat came back to life in resounding fashion last night, when he blasted one off Jose Berrios to give the Angels a 3-2 lead in an eventual 5-4 winOhtani is back, baby!

Hi, Shohei, great to see you again!


John Beilein leaves Michigan for NBA
Does this matter?
(NBA) After spending 12 seasons at the University of Michigan where he ascended to become one of the best coaches in college basketball, John Beilein is headed to the NBA to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers; and everyone is shocked.

It’s not that this move wasn’t going to come eventually — Beilein flirted with joining the Detroit Pistons a year ago before quietly returning to the Wolverines. But the timing was a stunner: there was no indication before yesterday, leaving players and fans in shock, and his departure comes amid the widespread FBI investigation into corruption in the sport.

Beilein, by all accounts, was one of the few coaches who did things “the right way,” so his departure feels like an indictment on the sport as much as an opportunity to advance his career. Among liars, cheaters and thieves, Beilein didn’t fit in anymore.

Now the Cavs are hoping his coaching is enough to turn things around, and while LeBron James isn’t walking through that door, Zion Williamson could be…

The hire comes just one day prior to the NBA Draft Lottery (airing tonight on ESPN at 8:30pm EST), which has Cleveland in prime position to land their fourth #1 overall pick in the last nine seasons.

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UMich Alum, Rich Eisen, shares his dark thoughts on Beilein’s departure

Blues jump Sharks to even series
Gimme the rundown
(NHL) After getting shellacked in Game 1 by the San Jose Sharks, the St. Louis Blues gutted out a Game 2 win on the road to tie the Western Conference Finals at 1-1. Blues defenseman Robert Bortuzzo — who had never scored a goal in his 31 playoff games — sent one past Sharks goalie Martin Jones for the game-winning goal in an eventual 4-2 win.

The Sharks loss continued Game 2 woes, who are now 3-0 in Game 1 and 0-3 in Game 2 in this wild, wild NHL postseason. Maybe we should have expected the chaos this time.

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Here’s the game-winner by Bertuzzo

Prayers and ping-pong balls
Are those related?
(NBA) Tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET comes a long-awaited tradition for fans of desperate and mostly incompetent NBA teams: the Draft Lottery! Fourteen teams eagerly await the results of the lottery, which determines which losing franchise has the right to employ Zion Williamson for (at least) the next four years and probably the next decade.

Teams have likely been losing games on purpose (or at least owners want them to) in order to improve their draft position, but none of that matters if the ping-pong balls don’t fall the right way. There’s something beautiful (and twisted?) about the fact that the future of franchises and the NBA lies in the hands of a ping-pong ball…

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In 1967, Yankees legend Mickey Mantle hit his 500th career home run, ending 11 days of build-up and suspense with a Mother’s Day dinger to secure a 6-5 win over the rival Orioles. Here’s the actual home run, which traveled about as far as you’d expect from a legendary slugger like The Mick.

Mantle only played one more season after that and finished with 536 career homers (ranked third at the time) in his storied career, which was hampered by injuries but still regarded as one of the best in MLB history.

Here’s homer #500 for Mick

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