Shannon Becker (Softball) is a sophomore pitcher for the Mohopac High School Softball team in New York. Last week, she struck out all 21 batters she faced in a perfect game and a victory over Carmel High School. This is believed to be the first 21-strikeout perfect game in New York high school history, but not the tri-state area; a senior from New Jersey threw one two years ago and is now committed to St. John’s University. Becker is only a sophomore (in high school…) and has had quite the career. This year she has 229 strikeouts in 99 innings, and is hitting .419. She had another no-hitter, too, when she struck out 19 batters on April 2nd and all 16 batters she faced in six innings on April 17th. You Go Girl!



The End of an Era
But onto some family affairs…
The three remaining Round 2 series’ in the 2019 NBA Playoffs were decided this weekend with some wild endings. On Friday night, the Warriors clinched their series against the Houston Rockets on the road but it wasn’t easy. Steph Curry had zero points in the first half (and yes, you read that right), but the team effort to make up for the absence of KD was undoubtable. Klay Thompson had 27 points, Draymond Green had 8, and Andre Iguodala hit FIVE 3-pointers in his 17 points. Steph was back in the second half, though, and added a slight 33 points to the board. This is the fourth time in the past five years that the Rockets have lost the series to the Warriors. Tough luck…

… and upwards

The Portland Trail Blazers won on the road, too. They beat the Denver Nuggets to clinch their first Western Conference Finals appearance since 2000. CJ McCollum led his team to the largest Game 7 comeback in the past 20 years. The Blazers were down 39-22 with seven and a half minutes remaining in the second quarter. McCollum had 37 points and a ‘Bron-like’ block that led to their 100-96 victory. It’s a dream come true for the Blazers, but even more for the Curry family. Seth Curry will face Steph Curry when the Blazers take on the Warriors in the Western Conference finals beginning tomorrow night. It’s the first time a set of brothers will play against one another in either a conference finals or NBA finals. The two have played each other nine times, only in the NBA. Steph has won seven, but the two losses have come this season so the series should be interesting to say the least. No matter what happens, the Curry family wins, and so do the parents — they only have to go to one game instead of two.  

Lillard gets emotional after achieving his first trip to the Western Conference Finals

In non-Curry family news, the Toronto Raptors defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 7 and will face the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals. Toronto led Philly 90-88 with just over 10 seconds remaining in the game when Kawhi Leonard (Toronto) missed the second of two free throws. Jimmy Butler (Philly) scored a fast-break layup to tie it with 4.2 seconds left. Leonard took a chance at a 21-footer in the corner over a taller and longer Joel Embiid. It looked short, but it hit the rim. Then it bounced fouryes four, times, which felt like a lifetime, before falling into the net. Leonard made the Game 7 game-winner for the first time in his career and the Raptors win! The Gasol parents lucked out, too, when their sons teams will face each other in the Eastern Conference Finals. Marc plays for the Raptors and Pau for the Bucks, but Pau is out after suffering a season-ending injury. 

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A shot so nice, we had to show you twice

Manchester City Wins The Trophy
Let’s Bring it Back..
Manchester United held off Liverpool in the league standings to secure their second Premier League Title in a row and fourth in eight years. They are the first English Premier League team to win back-to-back trophies in over a decade. For Liverpool to win, they needed Man City to slip up. They almost did, but they scored too many goals in their emphatic second period victory. Liverpool came close, but couldn’t pull through — Manchester United takes care of business in the Soccer World. 

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Man City are the kinds of the EPL once again

Canes Eat Poop Sandwich
Excuse me…?
Everything seemed to be going swimmingly for the Hurricanes. But then they ran into Boston. The Bruins blew out the Carolina Hurricanes 6-2 yesterday afternoon after allowing only five goals in four games in their series against the Islanders. There was a lot of hype around the Canes, with some analysts even claiming they could win the Cup. But Hurricanes Captain, Justin Williams, said his team needs to ‘rediscover’ themselves. He said ‘sometimes you gotta eat a poop sandwich…chew on it for a couple days, and hopefully get the taste out next game.” Basically he just means the effect of the tough loss will hopefully help them in the next game, but man does Williams have a way with words…

In case you didn’t believe us about that poop sandwich quote, here it is…

The San Jose Sharks beat the St. Louis Blues in Game 1 over the weekend, but the Blues have had no talks of eating poop sandwiches or anything of that nature.

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In 1983Reggie Jackson became the first player in MLB history to strike out 2,000 times. Five other baseball legends have completed this feat as a batter, and no, it’s not a positive feat per se. Jackson takes the cake on this one still, completing his career with 2,597 strikeouts.

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