Tony Romo is a retired Dallas Cowboys Quarterback and these days it seems like he can pretty much do anything. Romo has an interesting story — he is the Cowboys undrafted talent that was held to standards of a first round pick. He played 14 seasons for the Cowboys, going from America’s star to one of the most hated players in football; now he’s one of the hottest figures on TV. After retiring from the NFL, he became the star of CBS’s Broadcast Team as a NFL TV Analyst. His predictions were remarkable in the 2019 playoffs. Yesterday, Romo’s fans were in excess watching him play in the first round of the AT&T Byron Nelson at Trinity Forest Golf Club. On almost every shot, there were cheers and shouts of encouragement — good or bad. The fans were just as invested in his golf performance as they were during his tenure as the Cowboys QB. He didn’t play well enough to advance to the next round, but the fans didn’t seem to mind. He got the loudest cheers in the crowd. Romo’s still peaking…

Romo showing love to his fans on the golf course


(MLB) Tim Anderson, a Chicago White Sox shortstop, has pledged to donate $500 to anti-violence charity for each base he steals. Anderson has 12 steals already this season (63 in his career), and it has only just begun. Aside from his own donations, any fan that donates $50+ to the cause will be entered into a giveaway for a game-used autographed base. Anderson has done charity work throughout Chicago, his ‘adopted hometown’ and founded League of Leaders, a group that helps communities in Chicago and Tuscaloosa, Alabama (his real hometown) with scholarships, non-profits, and so much more.

If you want to get involved in his current endeavor, check it out here:


Blazers AND 76ers force a Game 7
Sounds familiar
The Portland Trail Blazers defeated the Denver Nuggets by 11 points last night to force a Game 7 in Denver on Sunday. Damian Lillard was finally back after a lackluster performance in the rest of the series. Maybe he was working on another album..? Anyway, the star had 32 points to add to CJ McCollum’s 30, leading their team to a big win. The Nuggets fought hard, but 29 points from Nikola Jokic couldn’t do it for them on the road.

Game 7 in Denver – winner will face Golden State or Houston in Western Conference Final

The Philadelphia 76ers forced a Game 7 too, in their series against the Toronto RaptorsJimmy Butler, or ‘Jimmy Buckets,’ hit a lot of big shots and scored 25 points in their 112-101 victory. Joel Embiid seemed to be back to full strength after dealing with an upper respiratory infection in game 5, and scored 17 points for the Sixers. The winner of Game 7 will face the Milwaukee Bucks in the conference finals.

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Sixers return to form in game 6 to set the stage for a dramatic game 7 in Toronto

and in Game 1…
(NHL) The Boston Bruins defeated the Carolina Hurricanes in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals last night. The Bruins were down by 1, then scored a whopping four goals in the third period, winning the game 5-2. The score makes it sound like it was a blow-out, but the Hurricanes played solid — in the closing minutes, the Bruins scored an empty-netter and on a breakaway. The Hurricanes saw first hand the effects of a long break between rounds after their series against the Islanders, (if you remember, the Islanders swept the Penguins in the first round, and after that long rest, they were swept as they laid an egg against the Hurricanes) but that wasn’t the case for the ‘Canes. Tuukka Rask, the Bruins goalie, just overwhelmed the Hurricanes offense with a solid effort in net. It will will be a fun rest of the series if both teams keep it up!

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Check out the game 1 action in the TD Garden

There’s Some Drama in LA
Spill the beans…
 Los Angeles Lakers fans are fed up with how average they have been and they wanted owner Jeanie Buss to know. Fans have planned a protest outside of the Staples Center, and they’re not the first fan base to do so. Cleveland Browns fans protested outside of their stadium after their 0-16 season. Now they have Baker Mayfield and OBJ, so maybe these things work. Back to the Lakers, though. This comes after a chain reaction of events —  1. They are in a playoff drought of six years, despite signing legend LeBron James last offseason; 2. The team’s President, Magic Johnson, unexpectedly resigned last month; AND 3. The search for a new head coach, after the team and its coach decided to part ways just weeks ago, has been sloppy to say the least. 

Interestingly enough, LeBron was playing in Cleveland at the time of the Browns’ fans protest and felt like this type of action would make him angry, but he would understand that it wasn’t the fans’ fault they were upset. It will be interesting to see how he feels when it’s actually happening to him…

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That’s Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, and he should be feeling pretty good right about now.


In 1970, Bobby Orr (NHL) scored his famous overtime winning goal, better known as ‘The Goal.’ The goal came off a give-and-go 40 seconds into the first overtime of Game 4. The Bruins were up three games to none in the Stanley Cup Final series against the St. Louis Blues. He was triple-teamed by members of the Blues, shot and then and was tripped by a Blues defenseman while he watched the puck slip past the goalie and go in. It’s famous not only because it completed the sweep and gave the Bruins their first Cup since 1941, but his celebration was photographed perfectly and is one of the most famous and recognized pictures in hockey. 

The Bruins are in the Eastern Conference Finals and the Blues are in the Western Conference Finals this year. Could we see a rematch?!

A picturesque moment so special, they made a statue of it

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