Sebastian Janikowski (NFL) is a 19-year NFL veteran who announced his retirement on Sunday at the age of 41. Janikowski was the Oakland Raiders‘ kicker for 18 years before playing his final season with the Seattle Seahawks. He was the Raiders’ 17th overall pick in 2000, which is really high for a kicker. He showed his worth, though, leaving the team as its all-time leading scorer (with 1,799 points), and made more money than any other kicker in NFL history. As a side note, Tom Brady is now the only player left in the NFL from the 2000 draft. Oldies but goodies…

Here’s one of the highlights of Sebastian Janikowksi’s entire career


He said, He said
He said what?
The Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets are facing off in a series rematch, with history and legacy on the line. This series could determine the season’s NBA champion, as it did last season (when the Warriors won). Both teams have been fantastic all year long, but they have also pushed the limits in regards to the rules because don’t we all? Debates about fouls will be a big topic of discussion in this second round series — there were four technicals and an ejection to kick it off in Game 1.

Rockets star and reigning MVP James Harden loves to draw fouls and score from the free-throw line, but the refs know that so they’re in a tough spot. Harden ultimately wants to have a “fair” chance, but he believes the refs aren’t giving it to him. It’s dramatic but the teams are so competitive and there is such a narrow margin that it is important to ensure that the play defines the win — not he-said, he-said officiating. 

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Here’s postgame reaction from James Harden and Chris Paul after the loss to Golden State in Game 1

(NHL) There are a Bunch of Jerks in the NHL that can’t seem to lose. Last night, the Carolina Hurricanes defeated the New York Islanders for the second time this weekend. The Hurricanes will head home with a few more injuries, but only two wins away from a Round 2 sweep. The Colorado Avalanche won Game 2, as well, evening up their series against the San Jose Sharks. The St. Louis Blues and the Dallas Stars are also tied, as are the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Boston Bruins

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Here’s your recap from yesterday’s action from the NHL Playoffs


In 1961Wide World of Sports debuted on ABC TV. The sport series aired for 37 years and was revolutionary in showcasing sporting events throughout the entire world. This series brought Wimbledon to TV, was the first to air the NCAA Basketball Tournament and even had the Little League World Series. It ended in 1998, but the title was used for general sporting programs on ABC until 2006. In 2007, it was listed on the top 100 best TV programs of all time by Time Magazine. It basically paved the way for ESPN, but ESPN was one of the main reasons for its downfall. Imagine people having to actually watch events instead of getting ESPN alerts (or reading the Two Minute Spill)…

A look back on the Wide World of Sports and how it changed sports on television

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