Julian Edelman (NFL) is a New England Patriots wide receiver and the Super Bowl LIII MVP. He’s impressive off the field, too, a fact he proved last night before the Boston Bruins hosted the Toronto Maple Leafs in Game 7 of their series. The Bruins were up 1-0 with four and a half minutes left in the first period. Fans were pumped, but not as pumped as they were after the jumbotron panned to Edelman chugging a beer in a way you would have been impressed with, even in college. Boston fans in TD Garden lost it — they went nuts! The coach of the Bruins was impressed, too. He said it got everyone fired up, including the team… “Good for him.” The Bruins went on to win that game, 5-1, and it’s the second year in a row they knocked the Leafs out of the playoffs. 

Here’s that clip of Edelman in all its glory^


DAME D.O.L.L.A. strikes again
Hoping it’s with a new album…
(NBA) Remember that guy Damian Lillard, the Player of the Day a few days ago, who plays for the Portland Trail Blazers? Well, last night, Game 5 of their series against the Oklahoma City Thunder was tied 115-115 with just seconds on the clock. Lillard gets the ball and with the clock expiring, he shoots a 3-pointer from almost 40 feet out for what some call a ‘logo three’Don’t have a measuring tape, but that seems far. The shot went in, giving Lillard 50 points in the game and the Blazers a spot in the second round of the playoffs. The last player to score at least 50 points in a series-closeout win was Charles Barkley in 1994, and it has only happened three times in the last 50 years. Mic Drop.

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Here’s Lillard’s series-clinching buzzer-beater from wayyyyyy downtown

In other NBA Playoff news…

The Toronto Raptors ended their series against the Orlando Magic with a whopping 115-96 win. The Philadelphia 76ers also ended their series against the Brooklyn Nets last night. So far, most of playoff matchups have only lasted five games or less, and there are only three series left with games to play.

O Captain! My Captain!
Tell me more
(NHL) The San Jose Sharks were down 3-0 with 11 minutes left in Game 7 of their series against the Vegas Golden Knights. Fans (and some players) probably thought that meant there were 11 minutes left in their season, too. Then, Cody Eakin, a Golden Knights center, cross-checked Sharks captain Joe Pavelski and left him lying on the ice, bleeding profusely and hurting. He was ejected from the game and received a five-minute major penalty and a 10-minute misconduct. The Sharks had an extra man for five minutes and scored FOUR goals in that time, giving them a 4-3 lead. Vegas tied it with less than a minute left, sending Game 7 into overtime. The Sharks scored first, eliminating Vegas. The Knights lost the Stanley Cup last season, but they said this loss hurt way more. That’ll teach you not to mess with the captain…

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Here’s San Jose’s series-clinching goal on home ice in game 7^

I’ll take Sports for $1 million
Wait, me too…
(Jeopardy) Las Vegas Sports bettor, James Holzhauer, won his 14th game of Jeapordy in a row on Tuesday. This brings his earnings from the game to over $1 million, as he becomes the second contestant to reach that mark. Ken Jennings had a 74-game winning streak in 2004 and has racked up $2.5 million. That’s a lot of cash.

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In 1994, San Antonio Spurs legend, David Robinson, scored 71 points in a single game and took the scoring title from Shaquille O’Neal. It was the final game of the season, and he trailed Shaq by 33 points. Robinson’s career high before this game was 52, so 33 points seemed simple. 71 points, though, in a game that the Spurs scored 112 — now, that’s impressive. 

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